Looking for a great way to market yourself as a Professional Model minus the high cost of mailing comp cards, photos, etc to agencies?  ModelsDesired.com the originators of Animated Modeling Portfolios, offers a modeling portfolio that is on the cutting edge of technology. For an affordable one-time fee and a low yearly renewal fee of $30.00, you will receive the following:

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  • You earn Models Desired points for referrals.

  • We sell your talent with style and class.

  • Access to non-pornographic talent agencies.

  • We put you in contact with various agents nationwide. Select as many agents as you need.

  • Choose a song out of our selections of mp3 to interact with your personal modeling portfolio.

  • By phone or email: Receive Customer Service Advise Meaning: (Any Modeling questions, what agency & photographer does MD recommend, models goals, & etc…)

  • You can share your Portfolio with Social Sites! Click here to view example.


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The Originators of Animated Modeling Portfolios!


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A) Female Model Portfolio Example: Click now to view!

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If you have any questions regarding this sale, please do contact us by clicking our contact page, with our email, phone #, & days of operation.