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The Nails Have It

No Fail Mood Boosters
By Tera Moore

In these tough economic times we are all trying to find ways to cut financial corners. ModelsDesired.com is going to show you step-by-step an inexpensive way to get a high-end manicured look at home.

Step 1:
Remove all residues on your nails with cotton ball sutured with a nail polish remover containing acetone.

Step 2:
Avoid the nail but massage the nail bed with oil. Olive oil straight from your kitchen cabinet will do. Gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick or a plain nail stick with a bit of cotton ball at the top.

Step 3:
If you want the nail polish to stay in place, go back over the nail with the orange stick soaked with nail polish remover to remove residual oil.

Step 4:
Use a clipper to trim nails (if needed). Then file to smooth edges. Remember only file your nail in one direction so as not to split the nail.

Step 5:
Take a buffing block and go over your nails to smooth nail surface ridges. Wipe off any remaining dust or grit with a cloth or napkin.

Step 6: Apply a base coat to your nails to fill in remaining ridges and prevent discoloration.

If you wish, add a coat of your favorite color and then a top coat.

Viola! A salon manicure for pennies!

Source: Ladies' Home Journal June 2009

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