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No Fail Mood Boosters

No Fail Mood Boosters
By Tera Moore
Source: Beth Hitchock, “The Happy Factor”

Times are harder than ever and sometimes being happy just seems like an impossible task. I’m not suggesting you fake it till you make it but I am suggesting you try a few bad mood-busting habits to keep the doldrums at bay:

Into Feng Shui? Then you know blue is the color of serenity. So go blue with your décor. It’s been proven by UK researchers to inspire feelings of calmness.

Smell the roses. Or chocolate. Or fruit of your choice. Aromatherapy has been proven to lighten moods. That’s not the only benefit – recent research suggests that simply sniffing your favorite food fragrances can help you drop the pounds.

Pamper your pearly whites. A link has been found by Dutch researchers that suggests a strong connection between positive self esteem and the appearance of respondents’ teeth. A great smile and healthy gums – like clear skin and eyes – are signs of vitality. Invest in regular dental check-ups, quality toothbrushes, and the latest shade of plum lipstick.

Hugs for everyone! Those that give and receive hugs have been reported to be twice as likely to consider their mental health excellent. The feeling of being cared for and a sense of belonging are some of the most common desires and hugs are a fast fix. Give them and ask for them often.

Re-set your for mood with regular de-cluttering sessions. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to clear the mind and cleanse the weary soul. Just 15 minutes a day can boost your mood and give a solid start to your day.

By Desiree Brennan, Owner of ModelsDesired.com


When I am feeling down and need a change. I do volunteer work. It really feels superb to interact with others.

One: It takes your mind off of your problems.

Two: It is good for the soul.

Three: Yes, I am religious with a Christian background and totally believe in my faith. So I have a scripture I would like to share. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7)

So in other words: If you take the time to care for others and really mean it, so will your heart grow. (Meaning feeling better about yourself and having a “No Fail Mood Boosters”).

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