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BETTER BLUSHING:  'How To' Tips for ModelsDesired.com Models

#1: A good rule to follow for most makeup purposes: POWDER CLINGS BEST TO POWDER….so for long-lasting blush results, brush a bit of translucent face powder (or a powder foundation) on cheeks before applying your powder blush.
#2: Touch your brush tip lightly onto your highly-pigmented powder blush product, then tap to remove any excess powder - this will help you control the amount of color going onto your skin.
#3: Apply sparingly to cheeks - it’s much easier to add more color a little at a time, than trying to clean up after using too much.
#4: If you accidentally apply too much, simply tone down the color with any translucent skin-toned loose powder - don’t try to use your fingers or hands to rub off the blush (the natural oils on your fingers will only make a dark, uneven mess on your cheeks and nobody wants that!).
#5: And now, the most often asked question: EXACTLY WHERE DO APPLY MY BLUSH?   Look straight into your mirror and give a big smile. On your cheek, align your blush brush with the outer edge of the iris of your eye and no lower than the tip of the nose. You are locating the fullest (the ‘apple’) part of the cheek. Starting there begin a sweep of blush color, softly applying the color back toward the mid-to-upper ear area (this is the area slightly underneath your cheekbone). For most natural results, place the most concentrated amount of blush color on the fullest part of the cheek. The drawing below will help.

OTHER BLUSH HINTS for ModelsDesired.com Models:  
- DO use similar tones when selecting blush and lip colors (for example, avoid using a pink blush with a coral lip color).
- With or without a tan, all year long you can create a pretty glow with your makeup - it’s easy!  Select a highly-pigmented Powder Blush or Blush Glow product in a pretty coral or pink, sweep it across cheekbones; then sweep a very small amount in the crease of your eyelid.  Add shine to your lips with a matching coral or pink lip gloss, brush on black mascara and you’ve got a natural, glowing look!

- DO select highly-pigmented makeup colors.  Makeup colors that look best for photography and runway are usually highly-pigmented, meaning they contain strong color pigments and are not sheer.  A highly-pigmented makeup color product will allow the user to apply a small amount to achieve a bit of color or it can provide darker, dramatic color when applied more heavily.  This allows flexibility for the user to achieve her preferred look.  Also, the strong color pigment in highly-pigmented makeup colors will hold up against the harsh lighting from cameras and stage lights (no washed-out, ghostly makeup looks) and is longer lasting.

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