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Thinking of pursuing a career as a Fitness Model?


Here are few things to consider:

By Tera Moore 

Thin isn't in. Fitness models are allowed to have breasts, muscles and curves, unlike mainstream modeling.

Body type beats beauty but brain can trump both so make sure you are always prepared. Take care of your physique, manage your eating routine, always be prepared with proper portfolio, and on the lookout for legitimate work opportunities that may arise.

Compete in fitness competitions - even if you don't win. Fitness competitions can provide vital exposure to casting agents or other fitness magazine decision-makers.

Make sure your head shots and photo shoots are professionally done with experienced fitness model professionals - there is a difference! You want to emphasize your strength, vigor, and health - not how thin you look. Professionals with experience working with fitness models will understand the importance of flexing and highlighting back, abs, pecs or quads muscles.

Source: Heiki Dvorak

March 2003 M&F Hers

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